Prepare for the SAT and ACT Blog

So far, my junior students' March scores have been pretty high... suspiciously so, just as the October New PSAT were. Hey, I'd love to pat myself on the back for doing an awesome job preparing my kids--hopefully, I have--but it seems likely that the SAT is playing it safe right now, skewing its scores a little on the high side, to make their new test seem more user-friendly. That sounds great... but if everyone submits high SAT scores to colleges across the land next fall, how are colleges to decide between all those high-scoring applicants?

The main point of the SAT and ACT nowadays, with grade inflation rampant in U.S. high schools, is to have a level playing field to compare students from different schools. But if the bulk of New SAT scores seems suspiciously high to college admissions departments... how are they supposed to evaluate these numbers and, more importantly, offer merit aid scholarships based on those scores? 

That is why Prepare recommends that all members of the class of 2017 take a long, hard look at the ACT, compare it to the New PSAT they took in October and/or the New SAT they are taking this spring, and make a clear decision about which test they prefer to concentrate on as they move  towards the fall of their senior year.

This is why PREPARE is now teaching a combined ACT & New SAT /PSAT course--to put our students in the best position to thrive on either test.